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Pupula Duplex: Hoax or serious medical condition?

Lately there have been rumors about a rare condition called "pupula duplex". It describes a (probably) genetical defect, where one eye inhibits two irises instead of one. Pupula means Pupil and Duplex means double. In this case, would this eye work as intended? What is known about this myth? and are the Illuminati one part of the puzzle?

What do we know about Pupula Duplex

To keep it short: nothing. If you don't count the endless flow of photoshopped pictures. Besides of that there is a rumour of a chinese warrior who had supposedly pupula duplex, but in the legend, he could see without issues.

Lets assume it's not a Hoax and the myth is true. Would it be possible to see with such a condition? Obviously without significant changes to the eye. Seeing with two pupils?

"The retina is adequately sized to take amount of light specified by the iris. Perhaps you could see something, but not more than shades and almost indistinguishable blur."

In the end, pupula duplex is still a mystery

it's your decision to believe or not to believe in humans having two pupils in their eyes. After checking the available facts, there is no reason to assume there could be something like that in the real world.

As always, we can not disproof the existence of such a condition, but only show the improbability of such one.

What the Hell have the Illuminati to do with that ?

The Eye is a symbol for the all seeing. Its found throughout the history in many different epochs. The fear of being watched was used for good and bad. In short: nothing.

Pupula Duplex, a strange desease...

The rare eye condition is a eye malfunction where one eye have 2 Pupils. If you want to get detailed information about the eye malfunction then visit  google. But be carefull, the informations you can find on the web are not accurate.

If you realy want to get detailed information then visit your bookstore and ask for a book about samurais. In some books you can find this desease and a detailed explaination about this issue.

There are not that much information about it on the web

Pupula duplex is a Genetic Defekt and happened to a Human only 1 time before. In a Old legend there is a warrior with 2 Pupils. This phenomen was described as a sign of force and pain. Nowdays there are no verified founds of the pupula duplex syndrom so nobody knows what the causes are. Therefore no one knows if people with this syndrom are blind and we dont know if we can heal them. Also we dont think its possible to cure pupula duplex or help the humans with the syndrom. The pictures on the web that you can find are all done with Photoshop and are Fake.
Dont relay on informations or pictures on the internet because thy are most fake.

Pupula Duplex is a latin term for...

Pupula duplex is a Latin term which means that students twice. It is assumed that a state in which a person carries two iris, cornea and retina, the eye being the same for each eye. This condition does not officially exist in the official literature. Since there is much evidence in the form of official literature who believe that the existence of this condition, many people it is simply mythology is often depicted in science fiction literature. Despite being an extremely rare disease, there are some cases of famous historical figures who were born with this condition. This condition was given some credence when the famous Chinese emperor Liu Ch'ung was featured in Ripley's Believe it or not, as usual, this condition. It is assumed that the condition that a person is to be loaded. There is no official medical literature about this condition, there is little information available regarding the possible causes? It is very likely a result of a genetic defect or mutation. He is not thought to something that can be transmitted genetically. It is not contagious, nor is it intended. Harmful to a person's health, General

A common question that most people who encounter this disease are likely to ask, not to see a person with that condition students? Well, before we can answer these questions, let's briefly as a person with normal vision sees deeper.
When light enters the eye of a normal person, he enters through the cornea. The cornea is the transparent anterior portion of the eye that covers the iris. The cornea helps to focus your mind. The light then the other side of the cornea approaches called aqueous humor then passes through the pupil or iris. The iris expands or contracts depending on the amount of light that may be present with this increase or limit the amount of lies, which advances deeper into the eye. Light passes through the lens to focus light. This light is then focused into the center of the eye in clear glass jelly call carrying covered surrounded by the retina.
Light is collected from the photoreceptor cells of the retina, where it is projected on a flat and smooth surface. The signals are then photoreceptor optic nerve, which is sent to the electromagnetic signals if the translation is then sent to the visual cortex of the brain for interpretation.
A person who has a dual pupil may have the ability to increase the volume of the visual information contained in the look if removed. Your focus can also be improved significantly. It is highly unlikely that this person is seen traveling separately in the same eye, as the same information from the photoreceptors this particular eye. Once this condition is not examined in detail, is not well understood how the brain interprets information from the eye of a person with a duplex pupula.

The Pupula Duplex History

In the volume of Studies in Honor of L. Brasil Goldersleeve published Dr. Kirby Flower Smith an article about the pupula duplex, having this combination of ingenuity, erudition and literary skills that we have learned to expect from his pen. Because of the superstition of the evil eye is perhaps unsurpassed in importance, not only for classical scholars, but for many workers in the modern disciplines, the problems he attacked deserves its legthy treatment, and when he failed to solve them other attemps are highly desirable.

For those who have pupula duplex can you see something?

For those who have pupula duplex can you see something?
No person understands since it is a new mythic issue it doesn't really exist.
That is certainly a pair of irises and a pair of students in the same eye.
Any China minister associated with Express over 1000 years ago had been documented to get in which problem, but there's absolutely no proof training course, where there hasn't ever already been one more described scenario.

Pupula duplex

Pupula duplex is a genetic defect, which has not been properly documented .Liu Ch'ung was a Chinese emperor, who had applied after the two pupils in each eye. Some other events are described in old books, but there are no documented cases. Thus, a further exploration of pupula duplex anomaly is not possible. Whether people are concerned that the situation can be seen is unknown. It is not known to what extent it affects gene defect on the life expectancy and other areal of the human body.

Pupula Duplex Discussion - Hoax Fake or Reality? - Let's discuss..

The only honest Pupula Duplex discussion on the internet. Pupula Duplex: Hoax or serious medical condition? Lately there have been r...